Fall 2017 Yoga for Peace Tour Program Update and Schedule

Blessed friends, October has come and we are more than halfway through the 2017 pilgrimage tour. Today I'm writing from the public library in Kilton, New Hampshire, after last night's beautiful Satsang with Rama in Fairlee, Vermont. We had a great turnout including his grandmother and grandmother - an amazing Kirtan group - and a discussion about "Sound and the Manifest Universe". What a beautiful night, sharing love and support for Rama's "Milldale Center for Wellness". So much love has been invested in this sacred space where he teaches Yoga - and he is now dedicating even more shakti to the propagation of Yoga and offering support for our process of healing. Blessed Pam had met me in Allendale, Pennsylvania, where Prema has been cared for with some major engine work. She took me to the
annual Peace Pilgrim celebration in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, then to a celebration of Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj' great life and works in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, then to Chebeague Island, Maine for a week on the island. We had programs at the library, the Island Commons assisted living facility, the school, at Pam's home, then yesterday she drove me to Vermont. This morning we enjoyed breakfast and she started her drive back to the island - I'll be on a bus to Allentown tonight, then to Akron and Canton for the programs there tomorrow - with Guru's grace. This has truly been an amazing summer and the fall has started out the same way.

I hope that you are able to join one or more of the fall programs below. If you see an opening and you feel that I should visit a particular center, or you wish for me to come to visit with you and perhaps some of your friends, please just say the word. There are still four "Be Still and Know" Silent Retreats ahead, I'm attaching here an overview video on them as well. The schedule is filling but I'm happy to go wherever I'm asked in order to serve and to share the way of Peace. Please take a look at the schedule, and if you see programs that you feel would be of benefit to your friends by all means please share them.

Thank you, bless you. Thank you God. Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings in all of the worlds be happy and free, and may we contribute to their happiness.

Oct 4               Fairlee, Vermont Satsang at Milldale Farm
Oct 7               Akron, Ohio for Interfaith Program
Oct 8               Akron/Canton, Ohio Positive Thinking Workshop
Oct 10-11        Mid Atlantic
Oct 12             South Carolina
Oct 13-15        Raleigh-Durham area, North Carolina "Be Still and Know" Weekend Retreat
Oct 17             Ft. Lauderdale Library Meditation and Talk with Brahma Kumaris
Oct 18             Miami Kendall Lakes Library Meditation and Talk with Brahma Kumaris
Oct 21             Ft. Lauderdale Library "Steps Towards Inner Peace - Walking the Talk of Peace"
Oct 22             Ft. Lauderdale Yoga Warehouse Satsang - 7PM
Oct 23-26        Miami - Swami Jyotirmayananda ji's holy Yoga Research Foundation Ashram
Oct 27-29        Dania Beach "Be Still and Know" Weekend Retreat
Nov 4              Tarpon Springs Yoga Shakti Positive Thinking Workshop
Nov 10-12       New Orleans, Louisiana "Be Still and Know" Weekend Retreat
Nov 17-19       Sand Springs, Oklahoma "Be Still and Know" Weekend Retreat at Osage Forest of Peace
Nov 23-Dec 5  Sedona, AZ
Dec 7               Return to Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, California


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