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Summer and Fall Yoga for Peace Tour Update

Dearest friends, I'm writing this on the evening of July 4 at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, and will be departing the holy Ashram tomorrow about 8AM to start on this year's Yoga for Peace tour. 

Prema's update is complete, she has her entire new bonnet and is mechanically strong - what a lovely and loyal set of feet she is! I was able to return to the Ashram in time for the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training graduation and engaged with the 28 beautiful souls that have now gone back into the world to share their love with these new gifts, and to attend some of the big 18th annual Vedic Astrology Conference weekend program. What an amazing group. And the staff here, they are a joy. Of course all of us have our challenges, the gift with Ashram life is that in a place like this all of our challenges come to the fore - the living is communal and tough, it is a disciplined lifestyle and the mind does not like discipline! Everything that bedevils us comes up to the surface for us t…

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