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Updated 2017 Yoga for Peace Tour Schedule

It's May 22 and I write to you from the holy Ganga and Ganeshpur. Greetings from Mother Ganga! Prema (the Yoga for Peace rv) is in the shop in southern California getting her new roof in preparation for the upcoming summer and fall USA circuit, I'll be here until May 31, then back to Delhi with a day visit in Rishikesh, then to Vietnam. I'll return to pick up Prema June 22, we come back to the Ashram for two weeks, then on July 6 we depart for a USA tour. This year I'll be serving with Yoga centers and supporters of the path to offer a series of silent weekend retreats named "Be Still and Know". Here is a general flyer for the program with more details. We will host about a dozen of these programs over the summer and fall; nearly all will be offered on a donation-only basis. Please take a look at the schedule below, I'll continue to update this and provide links for more information and registration as more details are available. As always I would love t…

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