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Fall 2017 Yoga for Peace Tour Program Update and Schedule

Blessed friends, October has come and we are more than halfway through the 2017 pilgrimage tour. Today I'm writing from the public library in Kilton, New Hampshire, after last night's beautiful Satsang with Rama in Fairlee, Vermont. We had a great turnout including his grandmother and grandmother - an amazing Kirtan group - and a discussion about "Sound and the Manifest Universe". What a beautiful night, sharing love and support for Rama's "Milldale Center for Wellness". So much love has been invested in this sacred space where he teaches Yoga - and he is now dedicating even more shakti to the propagation of Yoga and offering support for our process of healing. Blessed Pam had met me in Allendale, Pennsylvania, where Prema has been cared for with some major engine work. She took me to the
annual Peace Pilgrim celebration in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, then to a celebration of Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj' great life and works in Harper's Fe…

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