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Mid September Update - Late Summer and Fall Yoga for Peace Tour Update

Hello dear friends, it is Friday, August 25, and Prema (the Yoga for Peace rv) and I are in northwest Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi river for a week. It is so beautiful here, what an amazing place. After four weekend "Be Still and Know" silent retreats and the "YogaFest Michigan" celebration I'm now taking care of some maintenance for Prema, communication and prayer, and a some daily nature walks. We will be back on the road on September 1, and back in Michigan on Sunday, September 3. There are six more retreat weekends scheduled plus several programs organized, with more to come before we return to Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in early December.

The silent retreats have been amazing, and so was the YogaFest. Silence, Peace, is what we long for in this world, for in Silence is happiness and joy. It is our true state, our mis-placed inheritance. It is incredible that in just two full days (the retreats begin on Friday afternoon and run through Sunday a…

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